What is PoolSan?

In simple terms, PoolSan is a highly developed liquid form of the traditional ionisation process. PoolSan’s unique patented formula contains the active copper, zinc, gold, aluminium and silver ions that eliminate the need for chlorine and algaecides in pool and spa water.

PoolSan is hypoallergenic and does not cause breathlessness, eye irritations, asthma attacks, eczema or other ailments sometimes linked with a chlorinated pool. The water in a PoolSan pool is odourless and leaves no unpleasant smells or residues on the skin whilst swimming costumes are not damaged by it.

Safe for Staff!

PoolSan is safe for staff to handle and dose with minimal PPE being required, far less than chlorine, and there are no mix or exposure risks. Also, corporate PoolSan users see being chlorine-free as a major selling point for their brands, both ecologically and in terms of customer experience. 

There are no major plant room changes needed, just the replacement of chlorine with a safe, easy to handle liquid that is added to the pool or spa via a simple dosing controller.

PoolSan Regenerator

In addition, a chlorine-free oxidiser PoolSan Regenerator is added to the water, typically in a solution from a day tank. This maximises the effect of the ions and helps break down bather waste. Both components have to be used to ensure the correct level of disinfection is maintained.

Typically a commercial pool will require anything between 10 and 20L of Regenerator solution and between 200-700ml of PoolSan each day it is in use although this does depend very much on pool volume and bather load.

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After very careful consideration and investigation we decided to install Poolsan as part of our commitment to the environment and our Carbon Reduction Pledge... read more

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