Say goodbye to chlorine, forever!

At last! Revolutionary PoolSan offers an alternative to chlorine. Read our question and answer guide below for more information about PoolSan and what makes it different.

Say goodbye to swimming pool chlorine!

› How does the PoolSan system work?
Poolsan uses ionisation as the basis for its chemistry. However, unlike previous copper and silver ionisation systems and products, PoolSan is a highly developed and innovative product that is effective in commercial sites. There are actually two different products making up the PoolSan operating system, PoolSan and PoolSan Regenerator. Both are totally chlorine free and safer to handle than chlorine and acid. It is essential that both components are used together as per the guidelines to ensure the efficiency of the system against bacteria.
› What tests have been done on PoolSan?

The first UK based test was at the ISRM certificated Leatherhead Leisure Centre. Water sanitised solely by PoolSan was tested on a weekly basis during the two year public trial and the results of the testing carried out by an independent health protection laboratory showed it to consistently meet the BSI Code of Practise PAS39:2003 — Management of Public Swimming Pools throughout the testing period. 

PoolSan has also been subjected to testing in various other countries prior to being approved for use. The Norwegian Institute for Public Health approved PoolSan as a total replacement for chlorine in public pools and spas following a testing programme there. The Spanish authorities approved PoolSan as a pool additive in October 2008 and water disinfected by PoolSan is subject to regular bacteriological testing at pools both in the UK and other countries. 
› How easy is it to change from chlorine to PoolSan?
It's relatively simple. Existing chlorine does not need to be removed from the pool nor does the pool need to be drained. We install a PoolSan dosing unit and if possible re-use your chlorine day tank to dose PoolSan Regnerator. The PoolSan dosing unit is approx 30cm square and is fixed to the wall. The PoolSan is dosed from a five litre tank also wall mounted. The changeover and training normally takes one day during which time the pool remains open.
› What about existing UV or ozone systems?
PoolSan can work in conjunction with ozone and UV systems, replacing chlorine as the residual sanitiser. However, given the cost of running and maintaining such systems, our clients normally choose to run PoolSan alone and no longer use ozone or UV in their pool.
› Does PoolSan treated water taste or smell of anything?
At the recommended dosage levels the water will be tasteless, odourless and not irritate or dry the skin or eyes. Costumes are not damaged by it and it is non-corrosive.
› Can PoolSan be used in a spa?
PoolSan is very effective in spas. Because it does not evaporate, it provides a steady residual sanitiser and can resolve problems if a spa is prone to fluctuations and swings.
› What other chemicals are needed with PoolSan and Regenerator?
Generally pH correction, although as PoolSan and Regenerator together reduce the pH, often only pH Plus although this does depend on your incoming water — hard water areas may still require an occasional dose of pH Minus. PoolSan will eliminate the need for an algaecide. If you currently use a flocculant in your filter, we recommend you continue with that. You will still need to monitor and control total alkalinity, calcium hardness and TDS levels.
› Is any adjustment to the filters needed?
Generally no — PoolSan works with most filters and, due to its de-scaling properties, can extend the life of filter material. Balance tanks also generally stay cleaner below the water line with PoolSan. However, your normal cleaning schedule and maintenance should be adhered to and if a balance tank clean or filter medium change is due, it should be done prior to conversion.
› Is an overdose dangerous?
Not dangerous or potentially fatal like an overdose of traditional pool chemicals could be. If a significant excess of PoolSan (more than two or three times the recommended amount) is accidentally dosed into a pool, the worst effect will could be a temporary blue/green tinge to the pool or costumes and treated hair. Washing will remove this. A very significant level of Regenerator, once again at least double or triple the recommended maximum, can give the water a slight yellowish tinge and an weak aroma. Backwashing normally resolves this very quickly.
› What about outdoor pools?

As PoolSan doesn't evaporate, it is very effective in outdoor pools, particularly those in full sun. Operational procedures are as for indoor pools.

› How do costs compare with chlorine?
PoolSan is not as cheap as chlorine — not much is — but the financial benefits outweigh the increased cost for our clients. We offer fixed rate chemical contracts to assist in budgeting and minimise any extra cost.


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