Changing to PoolSan?

Changing over a pool is a simple process that can be completed in a few hours and does not generally require pool closure. We find that once staff are trained they find PoolSan an easy product to use. PoolSan is dosed via a simple controller in a similar way to liquid chlorine. If we can use any existing day tanks and bunds to reduce install costs we will.

Generally, less pH correction is required although whether a site will need pH Plus or Minus depends on the area and incoming water.

Daily testing is required in the same way as for chlorine, the main difference being that staff test copper and oxygen levels rather than free and combined chlorine. Standard water tests still need to be done for pH, TA, TDS and CH. As with chlorine, pH should be around 7.4 and TA between 80-140.

The PoolSan electronic test meter is used for simple and reliable testing.

Please see our guidelines page for further information.

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